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Executive Search & Recruitment

We believe in partnering our clients in talent sourcing and can handle all Top, Senior and Middle management requirements across industries / functions / locations. We can be your one stop shop for all your sourcing irrespective of industry / function / level / location.


  • 1. Have robust processes to assess individual needs and match it to a particular position .
  • 2. Have a capable team to work closely with your HR team and can support you with processes.
  • 3. Go all out to understand the requirement in light of the organization culture, business etc.
  • 4. Do a close matching and send you only confirmed profiles fairly quickly - usually within 48-72 hours.
  • 5. If you value your time, we are the ideal sourcing partner for you as we send only confirmed CVs that are matched to your needs and seldom headhunt in client organizations.


Our expectations from our clients:

    • 1. Plenty of details about a position - as much detailing as possible.
    • 2. Give us only those requirements which are immediate - we can execute them fast.
    • 3. Prompt and detailed feedback on the reasons for non suitability of profiles and if suitable, on the further processes to complete the hiring.